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December, 2010

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    BluesBox v2


    We finally uploaded the BluesBox v2 to Marketplace. Should be available soon.

    Beyond Daryl "Mad dog" Ooh's new UI design, I also added a bit more functionality to support doing the background bass playing so two or more people can play together.

    Also included a tutorial video and did a hell lot of bug fixing. We had a few issues around multi touch (it can be tricky when dealing with sliding around the notes and controling which sounds need to start/stop) but I think I managed to fix everything now.

    You can watch it working here:

    I already have a whole lot of cool ideas for next version, but way too little time to build it. So far I spent less than two days with building this thing. I think I need a part time job :(



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    Trade Me API - How to do the bidding part?


    So a few of you have asked how to implement the bid functionality using the Trade Me API and I honestly didn't know because I never tried that myself.

    But Mr. Nikhil Ramrakhiani did it and was very kind to provide a code sample, which I'm making available here.

    Many thanks to Nikhil and hope it helps everybody else!

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