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February, 2011

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    Visual Studio 2010 hanging when attempting to debug ASP.Net MVC Apps on Azure solutions - here's how I solved it


    So I was getting very annoyed about a problem I was facing: Every time I attempted to hit F5 on a Azure Solution, Visual Studio 2010 that had an ASP.Net MVC 2 project as the start one, Visual Studio 2010 (even with SP1 beta) got frozen during the build.

    I'm not sure if it is due to some of the millions of beta, alpha stuff I keep installing on my laptop but one way or another, it was still annoying me a lot. Until I tried this:

    1-Menu tools

    2-Import/Export settings

    3-Reset all settings

    Then instead of selecting the C# developer profile (I never select this one BTW, just did it once to see how that felt and honestly didn't like it because several of the menu shortcuts I love on the general developer did disappear) I selected the normal settings I always like which is the general developer one.

    Did a quick restart of visual studio and after that guess what? Problem gone!

    Not quite sure what the relation is, but hey, it worked! So if you have the same problem, give this a try.

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    Nokia + Microsoft


    I know I speak for many of us at Microsoft when I say: WELCOME NOKIA! We are very glad to work with you guys :)


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