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November, 2013

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    So you did what with PowerPoint??


    I was volunteering in a robotics class when one of the boys started playing with Microsoft PowerPoint in a way that was completely novel to me: He was creating an actual playable computer game in PowerPoint.

    No kidding, I had to record this as a proof, the video below says all.

    What Aaron did got me to think about a couple of things:


    First, what is programming? From my perspective, Aaron figured how to "program" PowerPoint, even if not using an actual programming language. He managed to control decision points and actions without any problems.


    And second: How much more could we do with the tools and technologies we already have, but what's stopping us is just our lack of imagination and different perspectives?

    I don't have much else to say so I will let Aaron run the show. Enjoy:



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    Are 8 inches Windows tablets a good idea?


    I've been using the Venue 8 Pro for a few days now and I personally think the 8 inches form factor is just perfect for Windows 8.1.

    Then I read a review from the Verge on it which I think was, in my opinion, a bit too harsh:

    Although they seemed to like it a lot, their final conclusion was:

    "At just $299 the Dell Venue 8 Pro is certainly the best Windows-based 8-inch tablet I’ve used so far, but with Lenovo and Toshiba already offering similar competition I suspect there will be even more on the way shortly. I want a small Windows tablet to replace my iPad mini Retina, and I’m convinced it’s a good idea, but for now it’s hard to switch fully. Dell’s Venue 8 Pro might not replace my iPad mini, but it’s certainly good enough to sit alongside it in my bag. I’ll await more Windows 8 apps and a better display until I fully make the switch."


    So it appears that they don't think this device competes with other tablets with supposedly "more apps". Well, let me share my desktop right now with you:



    Basically I've plugged my Venue 8 Pro's Micro USB on a Targus DisplayLink, then used a big touch screen monitor, a keyboard, a USB headset, a wireless mouse and a few other devices, all at the same time. Then after configuring Outlook, SkyDrive and my VPN to work I decided to also install Visual Studio 2013 on it. That's right, I even used Visual Studio while playing a movie on Netflix on the second screen! Now let's think about that for a moment:: Second screen, multiple apps at the same time, visual studio, desktop PC, outlook running at the same time as well without any lags.

    So here's my humble opinion, The Verge: While you think we're lacking apps for our platform I personally would like to see an iPad that could do half of the things I'm doing right now on this $300 8 inches tablet. Not only I can even run SQL Server and Visual Studio on it, plus the other millions of Windows applications that we love and need on a daily basis (which is why most people who use tablets just play games on them).

    So is this a competitor for other tablets? No, not really...

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