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  • Blog Post: BluesBox v2

    We finally uploaded the BluesBox v2 to Marketplace. Should be available soon. Beyond Daryl "Mad dog" Ooh's new UI design, I also added a bit more functionality to support doing the background bass playing so two or more people can play together. Also included a tutorial video and did a hell lot...
  • Blog Post: The Ultimate New Zealand Windows Phone 7 Apps List

    From now on I'll be maintaining this list of NZ made WP7 applications that are currently available in the Zune Marketplace. If you app isn't there, please let me know:
  • Blog Post: Marketplace registration for Windows Phone 7: Double check these test cases

    I received this e-mail today about things you should be double-checking before publishing your app at Marketplace: 1) READ the docs!!! Understand the application policies that represent the requirements all applications need to meet in order to pass certification testing. The Windows Phone 7 application...
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