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  • Blog Post: Are 8 inches Windows tablets a good idea?

    I've been using the Venue 8 Pro for a few days now and I personally think the 8 inches form factor is just perfect for Windows 8.1. Then I read a review from the Verge on it which I think was, in my opinion, a bit too harsh: Although...
  • Blog Post: Switzerland, Shape Conference, WinJS Windows 8, asynchronous and multi-threading

    Hello from Switzerland! What a beautiful, beautiful country this is. I’ve just arrived after a long flight from Seattle and on Monday I’ll be presenting at the Shape Conference , thanks to the invitation I’ve got from Ken Casada , a technology evangelist from the Swiss Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 tablet, my user interface experiments with WPF, C# and lots of APIs

    After playing a bit with a Windows 7 slate I decided to create a project, just for fun, to test a few ideas on it. Basically what I’m trying to create is a companion kind of tool that assists with common tasks related to using applications that are not built to be used in a touch screen, without...
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