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  • Blog Post: Trade Me API - How to do the bidding part?

    So a few of you have asked how to implement the bid functionality using the Trade Me API and I honestly didn't know because I never tried that myself. But Mr. Nikhil Ramrakhiani did it and was very kind to provide a code sample, which I'm making available here . Many thanks to Nikhil and hope it...
  • Blog Post: Help! Can't unlock my Windows Phone 7, can't deploy my XAP file, or can't run my app!

    Don't panic! Usually these issues are very easy to fix: 1-Zune software isn't installed or wrong version: Usually if this is the case, when you plug your phone's USB cable, Windows won't recognize it. Check if your Zune software is 04.07.1404.00 or above that. 2-Zune software detects the phone...
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