We are super excited to release updated RTM version of the highly popular SharePoint 2013 IT Pro training at the TechNet. This is complete update for the package which was initially released during beta 2 time frame back in July 2012.

What was exactly released?

Videos consists from both presentation coverage and most of them contain at least one demo for the actually showing the covered concepts in detail.

  • 51 presentations and videos
  • 17 hours, 16 minutes and 15 seconds of video materials
  • 790 slides of content for SP2013

Material has been split to 14 modules from which each will contain one or more videos lengths from 5 minutes up to more than 1 hour.

  • Introduction
  • System Requirements
  • Architectural Changes
  • Farms and site architecture planning
  • Office Web Apps 2013 architecture and deployment
  • Service application architecture
  • Enterprise Search
  • Social Features
  • Enterprise and Web Content Management
  • Customization options and management
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Upgrading to SP2013
  • Project 2013 for IT Professionals

Notice also that all presentations have been completely re-created, which means that we are now using updated graphics with lot of additional content related on all covered topics. You definitely should look the awesome new graphics used in these presentations.
You can watch the videos at the TechNet and all presentations are downloadable from the Microsoft download center.

Check also the blog post from the official SharePoint 2013 IT Pro blog for more information.