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November, 2007

  • The Way I See It

    IIS 7.0 - Seven goof ups in IIS 7

    The way I see it here are seven goof ups that will most likely make it to the shipped product. FYI so that you don't end up getting surprises. 1. Clusweb.vbs Clusftp.vbs are shipped but not supported IIS 6.0/5.0 supported clustering of IIS servers...
  • The Way I See It

    IIS 6.0 - FastCGI

    CGI application were discouraged on IIS webservers because for every request a new host process had to be spawned raising questions about performance. The FastCGI protocol is set to change this. The concept is simple instead of creating a new host...
  • The Way I See It

    SOS your Visual Studio

    If you as a developer are interested in taking quick peeks into memory allocation you can load SOS (Son Of Strike) in Visual Studio to do that. SOS is written as a WinDbg extension but can load in Visual Studio and do most of the stuff. To begin with...
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