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May, 2008

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    Limiting Passive FTP Port Range on IIS 7.0 / IIS 6.0 / IIS 5.0

    Passive FTP uses a range of ports to transfer data. This can be a problem because the port range that IIS uses has to be opened up at the Firewall. Many administrators would like to limit the port range between specific values so that they can have a...
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    MachineKeys For IIS 7.0

    IIS uses MachineKeys for encryption. IIS 6.0 uses a particular key c2319c42033a5ca7f44e731bfd3fa2b5_GUID to do the encryption. If you have worked on IIS Admin start up issues the machine keys is one of the first things we check because if you do not have...
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    The lone System.OutOfMemoryException in your memory dump

    I was recently asked ... Every time you run !dumpallexceptions ( !dae ) you will find that there is always a System.OutOfMemory exception object that will be listed Number of exceptions of this type: 1 Exception MethodTable: 0482151c Exception object...
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