Edit and contine was one of the top features added in whidbey release for C#.  Edit and continue is the ablity to modify code and contine with execution while debugging the program.

Types of edits/changes supported

There are few restrictions to the types of edits that are permitted during Edit and contine. The restrictions exist mainly due to technical reasons than anything else. The edits are primarily restricted to within method bodies. There are few changes within method bodies that are not permitted and to apply those changes you have to stop debugging and start over again. These unsupported edits are termed as 'Rude edits'. These are notified to the user by

  • populating error description in the error list
  • displaying squiglee and tooltip with error description at the begining of the code block which has rude edit

For a complete list of unsupported changes for C# see here .

Let me know your feedback on the unsupported changes and things you would like to see supported in the future.