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August, 2008

  • Jive into Messaging world

    Wow.. its exciting to see people come and share their experiences


    Another team mate of mine started blogging recently, Akash Bhargava

    He is SME in Outlook Addin, Ribbon and VSTO. Now you can reach him directly if you have any query or concern regarding the same.

  • Jive into Messaging world

    Tip Of The Day: Facing challenges in troubleshooting Exchange Web Services???


    I am starting a new series called "Tip of the day" and will share tips and tricks here on HOWTO do something faster and better.

    Today I will talk about my favorite topic, Exchange Web Services.

    We all know WFetch and have been using the same for testing simple HTTP/EWS calls by passing RAW XML/HTML requests to the server, but sometimes its little pain to use this tool at and many of us don't know how to run it properly and what parameters we need to pass on to it.

    To overcome this and save some time to test simple EWS requests, I have created a VBScript which can do the job for you. It is two file solution that you can use to easily troubleshoot most of the EWS operations, QuickEWS.vbs and requestfile.xml

    QuickEWS.vbs reads the RAW XML body from the XML file, sends it to the server & save the response to response.log

    Once you get the response back you can easily figure out what is going on and what server telling you, you can ping me back if you get some weird response from server which you cannot understand and need some guidance.

    Hope you find it useful.

    Download the code and Template.xml file from here


  • Jive into Messaging world

    Are you using Exchange Web Services ?


    If yes then I would like to hear from you. Your experiences, challenges, things you feel are barriers and things that could make it even better. Do you need samples? What sort of operations you want to perform using Exchange Web Services?

    You may ask me why I want to know all this.. well... I am developer support engineer at Microsoft. Exchange Web Services is one among the various other messaging APIs that I work upon and support. I am a big fan of Exchange Web Services and the way it has been implemented in Exchange. If I look at the future, I could see EWS being only API capable of competing and complementing MAPI.

    This is NOT a official forum, but I would like to put my best efforts in helping you with all your queries related to EWS. I would take requests for HOWTO samples. If you have any questions, any doubts, migrating to Exchange 2007 and worried about your exiting applications working on WebDAV and other APIs not recommended or supported under Exchange 2007, you can ping me for help.

    I would try my level best to help you.

    So... start shooting.. now!

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