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January, 2010

  • Jive into Messaging world

    Did you like the makeover?


    After couple of mails exchange with my earlier web hosting provider, I decided to save near 400 bucks for the images & other lots of junk data I had on my web hosting account. I decided to move my site to http://www.adhost.com/winisp who proudly hosted my website for FREE being a Microsoft Employee… yeah we do get all those perks :)

    So did you like the new look of my website.. please leave the comments on the new blog header image. I spent 200 hours on that image working through MSPAINT and then adjusting all the text together. Naahhh… I am lying. I found a wonderful tool to make cloud images from the Text - http://www.wordle.net. It let’s you create those wonderful images on the fly and even my kid can make them (if I had any), oh by the way I am still single ;)

    So, my life is little busy these days thus not able to write any new blogs but I have couple of topics in my mind. Lots of samples to blog but time is the constraint. I should be able to start writing more from February.

    Till then, happy reading and happy debugging!

  • Jive into Messaging world

    Blog Problem: Where are the images?


    A very Happy New Year 2010 to you all.

    I had a really bad day while I was making some changes to my personal web hosting account with GoDaddy and accidentally canceled my web hosting account. With the immediate effect my website was no longer accessible and all the images/data hosted on the server is now 'inaccessible'... that's not a good start to the new year. Most of my blog posts had images hosted on my server and now they all are gone :-(. Even the site logo, to which I had put extra efforts is now gone.

    I spoke to GoDaddy and they are asking me to pay them 150 bucks to access my own data... grrrrr!!!!!

    Let's see if I am able to  get my data back, and the images as well for this blog.

    Happy Debugging!!!


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