Greetings! My name is Vikram Madan and I am currently a Development Manager on the Microsoft team chartered with incubating the relatively-new Windows Ultra Mobile-PC category (aka UMPCs or Microsoft Origami UMPCs).

In the last few years, I have had the good fortune of being involved with several Microsoft projects that have helped prod Windows out of the confines of the traditional desktop into a richer, smarter computing-platform, better able to conform to basic human needs such as – gasp! – mobility and natural interaction (Humans are mobile? And write with a pen? Who knew!J). From my front row seat, it has been inspiring to watch hardware and software evolve in tandem to open up new scenarios in all walks of life, helping make computing more ubiquitous, more relevant, and more accessible to more people worldwide.

Those familiar with the history of personal computing well understand the pivotal role Microsoft Windows has played in unleashing the technological revolution sweeping the world today. Assuming, like me, that you have your own personal inner-geekJ, what could be more exciting than taking the cumulative value of the Microsoft Windows ecosystem and putting it into a fully functional form-factor that fits in your hands,  lets you take all your ‘digital stuff’ with you everywhere you go, keeps you linked to your world from anywhere, and enables you to make the best use of your precious time - irrespective of whether you are working, relaxing, traveling, sharing kids’ pictures with GrandMa, pitching ad-funded web startup ideas to VCs, getting sued for copyright-infringing-user-uploaded content, or just plain ol' trying-to-attract-the-attention-of-attractive-strangers-in-cafés.

Enter <ta-daa!>The UMPC</ta-daa!>. A category of Windows PCs whose potential I am personally very, very, veryRealize your potential anywhere, anytime, very excited aboutJ. In this blog, I will try to share my excitement about, my world-view of, and my personal experiences with UMPCs, Tablets (UMPCs are Tablets, if you hadn’t noticed), and Windows Mobility (Note: Windows Mobility !=  WindowsMobile), with occasional digressions and ruminations about Microsoft, Software Development, computing technologies and trends, behind-the-scene looks, etc. But, for now, mostly UMPCs. If this might interest you, I invite you to tune in.

More to come. Much more. I promise. You won’t be disappointed. J

PS A special thanks to the Tablet & UMPC MVPs: but for their clamoring for more UMPC voices in the blogosphere, this blog would have remained a procrastinated figment of my imagination. Congratulations, folks! You helped birth this baby. (In other words, it’s all your fault!J)

PPS You will see many hand-crafted drawings on my blog. All of these will have been hand-drawn on a Tablet PC. Before arriving at Microsoft I was an aspiring and award-winning Editorial Cartoonist (and failed Bioengineering researcher – but that’s another story!). Unfortunately for my cartooning career, it was far easier to get hired at Microsoft than to find a cartooning position on a newspaper. Not that I’m complaining – there’s much joy in creating software that impacts millions and millions of users worldwide. Usually in a good way. Groovy, baby. Yeah! J

PPPS For more information about me, please see my profile.

PPPS Standard disclaimers apply (especially the one that says "all opinions are mine and not those of my employer ya di ya di ya da ... ").