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April, 2004

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    Getting the most appropriate list of catalogs for the current user

    I was looking at the documentation of CommerceContext.GetCatalogsForUser and there is surprisingly very little documentation compared to what the method actually does. Based on the user browsing the site this method attempts to retrieve the most appropriate...
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    MSIB v2.5 has shipped

    The Microsoft Solution for Internet Business v2.5 has shipped Overview The Microsoft Solution for Internet Business (MSIB) team is happy to announce that MSIB v2.5 has shipped and is now publicly available on MSIB v2.5 builds on MSIB...
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    Virtual Catalogs : To materialize or not to materialize

    Commerce Server 2002 introduced a feature which allowed content from one or more base catalogs to be aggregated into a virtual catalog using inclusion and exclusion rules. The values for the properties of the products and categories came from the base...
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    Things you should know about the MSCS_CatalogScratch database

    The Product team received a number of queries regarding the MSCS_CatalogScratch database and so I thought I should write about it. Simply put the MSCS_CatalogScratch database is a scratchpad database (much like tempdb) which contains empty tables. These...
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    My first blog!

    I am Vinayak Tadas, a developer in the Commerce Server team in Microsoft. Seeing so many blogs on different Microsoft products, I also decided to create my own blog. I will be writing about Commerce Server in general and the the Product Catalog system...
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