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Things you wanted to know about Microsoft Commerce Server

October, 2004

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    Virtual Catalogs in the catalog system

    Introduced in CS2002, virtual catalogs replace the custom catalogs feature in CS2000. While custom catalogs allowed you to create another instance of the base catalog with different pricing rules virtual catalogs allow you to aggregate content from one...
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    Commerce Server : What's Next?

    Four years back we shipped Commerce Server 2000. This was followed two years later by Commerce Server 2002. Commerce Server 2002 added powerful new features like multilingual, multicurrency capabilities, virtual catalogs, expanded profiling system, improved...
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    Commerce Server Resources

    You might be interested in the following available resources on Commerce Server. 1. Case studies Organizations come in all sizes and industries, each with its own business need. Follow the above link to learn how Commerce Server can meet the needs of...
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    Base catalogs in the catalog system

    Base catalogs , are used to store the products you want to sell on your site, categorize them into different categories, sequence/rank child products, categories and variants, define relationships between products and categories, define prices for products...
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