First, let me thank you all for taking the time to come to the site, check out our videos, the demo and for registering for the Beta!  Thank you for all the interest!

The buzz after announcing Microsoft Vine has been exciting, humbling and I can’t wait for you all to get a chance to try out the service.  There have been a lot of questions posted around the ‘net and in my inbox asking how to get invited into the Beta.  The answer is the same for everyone (Microsoft employees aren’t even getting special treatment) we will start sending out invitations to the broader community on a first come, first serve basis over the next two months.  Right now we are focusing our attention to ensure that our Pilot customers are up and running. 

We will be adding more and more users over time and I don’t see any reason why the people who’ve taken the time to register their email address with us won’t get in with time.  Thanks for your patience and understanding through this beta testing phase.  I know it may seem strange that we are controlling access like this but our main goal is to make sure the application works for the scenarios and people who were instrumental in helping us design the feature set first.  With that information in hand we want to hear other points of view, ideas, gripes, complaints and hopefully praise from a larger audience.

Thanks again, stay tuned for more updates and information about Microsoft Vine.

Signing off for now,