I wanted to post a message to clarify some comments about Microsoft building Vine to compete with Twitter, Facebook and other Social Network sites and tools.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Microsoft Vine was conceived and built from the beginning to allow people to continue using their favorite social network while allowing others to have a consolidated view of the people they care about the most.  This isn’t new or even that novel an idea; it has been done by several startups and technology companies….”social network aggregators”.  We just aim to take it one step further – to include all people using all the tools available.  We want to include every person and allow them to participate through whatever technology they choose - email, text, voice, Instant Messaging, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or whatever people want to use next.

Microsoft Vine is not just another Social Network site or tool.  It provides a way to keep track of places you care about, your friends and family and ask for and receive help.  We aren’t going to compete with these other tools and we sure don’t think of ourselves as Twitter on Steroids J. 

Thanks again,