There have been some jokes, comments and even concern about Microsoft Vine being a PC-only application during the Beta. It is true that during Beta the full and best experience will require a PC (they are still pretty popular…) but the service does allow you to Send/Receive Alerts to People you care about from any SMS device or Email client. Consumers need a PC to get registered and setup but if you don't have access to one at work, home or school you can use your Mobile device or email client on a Mac or browser etc. to get informed or to reach out for help from your contacts, without a PC.

After Beta we are planning on adding other platforms and user experiences that include Mobile apps, Facebook, a browser-based client, regular phone services, pagers, GPS devices, billboards and well, the list goes on and on. So, is Vine only for the PC users you care about? No….we plan on adding what people need in order to stay connected with one another.

Tell us what you need and we'll listen and adjust as necessary. Our only request is patience and understanding that we cannot add everything at once.