If you requested an invitation to the Vine beta by visiting our web site and submitting your e-mail address, you'll be happy to know that we have started sending out invitations. We will continue sending them over the next six to eight weeks, so we can increase our user base steadily and learn as we grow.

For those already using the service thank you for all the great feedback you are giving us on our forum, in facebook and twitter.  Keep talking and sending feedback; we really want it and plan on taking as much of it into consideration as we can in our v1 release.

One thing I wanted to address though.  We have received feedback and questions from folks outside the US who have reported various problems.  We did not plan on having beta users outside the US because some of the key features like SMS messaging and News content won't work at all right now. We will need to partner with non-US wireless carriers and content providers in order to get the full functionality to work in other countries. Since we didn't have that in place we decided to beta test in the US only. What we did not expect was that some of you would see more serious problems with Places and causing the client to crash.

We want as much input as we can get but we need to be upfront and clear that if you install the client and use it with non US-EN versions of the OS there may be unexpected problems including crashes.  Since we didn't expect to support the client outside the US we have not done extensive testing and we are not sure what all might happen.  If you choose to install it anyway we just want you to know that problems you report may not be something we can address prior to adding international support. We will add support for other countries, locals and languages in time. 

Thank you for your comments. Please keep them coming!