Just over two months have passed since we shipped the Microsoft Vine beta. During that time, we have received thousands of questions, ideas and suggestions. We’ve been inspired by your stories and, equally important, your feedback is helping us make Vine even better.


Here are a few examples of how people are using Microsoft Vine today, and how people would like us to improve Vine in our next release.


Connecting with family every day, and when it’s urgent.


·         “This is a great way to communicate with family.”


·         “This tool will only add more value to the emergency plan I have put in place with my family.”


Staying informed about the places that matter.


·         “Microsoft Vine is a very useful and amazing program. It is pretty much what I'd call, "a community bulletin board.”


·         “I'm finding Vine useful for its localized news for my places.”


Reaching the people I care about when it’s important, with Vine alerts.


·         “Love that you get alerts via email and especially via SMS. Makes staying in contact easy in case of emergency.”


·         “Very useful for contacting people when you have an announcement, instead of going through the trouble of emailing every single one.”


Downloading the Vine client is cumbersome.


·         “Please make this work without having to install an application.”


·         “My daughter, to whom I would like to send an alert, is probably not going to go through the trouble of downloading the software.”


Make it easier for me to invite other people.


·         “A way to sync Vine emergency contacts with Windows Live contacts would be very useful.”


·         “Would be more useful if it was able to automatically get my contacts’ information.”


These are just a handful of the comments that we have received. In the near future, we’ll publish a blog post with details about the priorities for our next release. Your input is very important in helping us to determine those priorities.


So, please keep your comments coming. You can interact with others users in our forum, or submit an anonymous suggestion through our online feedback tool. Either way, you’re helping Vine do more to improve peoples’ lives.