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  • Blog Post: WPF Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Toolkit 0.1

    The WPF team has just released an MVVM Toolkit which contains an overview and walkthrough of the MVVM pattern, a full Messenger sample app using MVVM, as well as a Visual Studio template for MVVM. The template creates a WPF application with folders for Views, ViewModels, Models, and Commands. What I...
  • Blog Post: Launching a custom Dialog to edit items in a DataGrid (with MVVM)

    Launching a custom dialog for editing on the DataGrid is another somewhat common request that I see from the discussion list . I thought I would provide a sample but at the same time implement it with the MVVM pattern. The requirement that I will use on the sample is that the editing mechanism can only...
  • Blog Post: Exploring MVVM: Grouping with the DataGrid

    Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) is one of those really interesting design patterns that are used in WPF. It provides a separation between the UI and business logic and uses data binding techniques to connect them together. Karl Shifflett has some great material on MVVM that you can read about here . Anyway...
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