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  • Blog Post: The Control Local Values Bug Solution and new WPF 4.0 related APIs

    Intro Previously I did a post on the “Control Local Values bug” and how a subtle bug can be introduced when setting dependency properties of controls to local values. In WPF 4.0 (dev10), a mechanism was added to the property engine to solve this problem. Here are the new APIs in dev10: public...
  • Blog Post: VS 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Beta1 are out now!

    As many of you probably already know, dev10 beta1 is available for public download. Some of the additions to Beta1 on the WPF Controls side include: · MultiTouch · EasingFunctions for animations · DataGrid, Calendar, DatePicker, and VisualStateManager in PresentationFramework.dll · New APIs...
  • Blog Post: The Control Local Values Bug!

    Intro WPF dependency properties are properties that are registered through the WPF property system. By registering with the property system, the property will be provided a set of services such as data binding, styling, change notifications, animation, expressions, invalidation, and coercion. What...
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