Time to begin the C&C saga - on Virtual PC

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Recently a couple of people have asked me how to get various members of the Command and Conquer (C&C) series running under Virtual PC.  As a long time C&C fanatic - I happen to own all of the versions - and have figured out how to get them working under Virtual PC.  So I figured I would run a series on how to get them all working:

Here we go - Unbeknownst to many, the C&C series started with Dune and Dune II.

Dune was a weird combination of Role Playing and Real Time strategy, kind of cool though.  Dune runs fine under Virtual PC with only one exception - if you let the animated intro run until the Harkonen guards appear - it will lock up.  The game plays just great:


Dune II was the greatest real time strategy of all time.  Unfortunately it runs fine on Virtual PC - and I say unfortunately because every time I fire it up I loose at least an hour of my life to playing Dune II.  To run it under Virtual PC you just need to configure the sound card for Adlib Gold:



Version Note 8/5/2011: This post was originally written about Virtual PC 2004.  But I can confirm that both games are playable with Virtual PC 2007 and Windows Virtual PC.

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  • Kudos on excellent choice in games! :)
  • Fully agree, Dune 2 was what I played till 10 O'clock when I was 6 and addicted me to video games for my schooling life. anyone who hasn't played it should give it a go.

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Time to begin the C&C saga - on Virtual PC