Red Alert on Virtual PC

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Well - moving on in the Command and Conquer series - the next game is Red Alert.  Unfortunately - Red Alert uses exactly the same game engine as the original Command and Conquer.  This means that it suffers from exactly the same type of problems - with the same work arounds.

(Command and Conquer posts available here: and here: )

The Windows 95 sound bug has been bothering me - so I did some further investigation - and found that I was able to make it work a bit better by tweaking the 'CHANNELS' variable in 'C:\WESTWOOD\REDALERT\REDALERT.INI'.  Setting this variable to be equal to 2 resulted in the most stable cut scene performance on my AMD box.  It was still fairly poor though - and the DOS version performs much better.

Any way - here are the screen shots of Red Alert under DOS (under Windows 95):

Red Alert running under Virtual PC    Red Alert running under Virtual PC    Red Alert running under Virtual PC

And here are the Red Alert '95 screen shots:

Red Alert running under Virtual PC    Red Alert running under Virtual PC

Next in the series - the little known Dune 2000.


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  • Great to see these old games running well in Virtual PC machines.

    But I think it would be much greater if you add other video card support in Virtual PC, not just the S3 video....

    My two cents.
  • Hehe - try starting a multiplayer Skirmish with the AI set to Hard and game speed set to High.

    I don't think the game was designed with todays processors in mind!
  • i completed this game about 10 times from begining to end when it first came out... best RTS experience i've ever had
  • How do you get red alert running under windows? is it possible to disable the direct-x implementations in red alert? or did you do anything else to bypass the direct-x problem under windows?
  • Hi Leberle,

    Red alert ran just fine with DirectX under Windows 95 when I ran it.

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Red Alert on Virtual PC