Microsoft BOB lives!

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Microsoft BOB lives in infamy. 

BOB was a graphical shell that ran on top of Windows 3.11 and Windows 95.  It attempted to replace the traditional desktop environment with a visual representation of a house; where all your programs were objects in the house.

It sounds like a nice idea, but it was an abysmal failure in the market place.  As a result very few people actually know about BOB these days, and those that remember it tend to cringe when they hear about it.

I am an ‘Operating System’ enthusiast by nature, so when I first came across Virtual PC from Connectix (I was one of the first people to sign up for the initial beta program for the first version of Virtual PC for Windows) I immediately set about trying every operating system I could find under Virtual PC.  However; I was not able to get my hands on a copy of Microsoft BOB until the Connectix technology was acquired by Microsoft.  One of the first things I did as a new Microsoft employee was to search the file archives, find a copy of BOB, install it under Virtual PC and go: ‘Yes! It works!’ (I then emailed screen shots to my entire team).

In the end we ended up making internal team shirts for Virtual PC which had written on the front ‘What about BOB?’; and on the back ‘BOB has found a new home, Microsoft Virtual PC 2004, Yes – it even runs BOB’.

One of the amusing aspects (to me) about BOB is that everything in the house is a scalable vector object.  This means that you can make some fairly funky changes to the display (as shown in my ‘house burning’ screen shot below):


Hmm…Not sure that there is much more that should be said – apart from BOB lives! :-)



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  • Hey, I have a CD of BOB still wrapped in the celophane - wonder what it's worth?
  • Sos un boluuuuuuudo
  • I thought I was bad having a Win3.11 virtual machine with old IE versions on for testing.

    This. This is just *wrong*

  • The interfase that came with the Packard Bell is not BOB, it`s called navigator or something... I used it, I had a 486 too in some time of my life
  • Is there a program similar to MS Bob available currently? I used to like the calendar with it pop-up reminders.
  • Hi Ed,

    Not that I know of.

  • Dude I love that program! I remember we got it with the first computer we had.. Well I was about 7 then and loved re-arranging the house and stuff. But i want it back! haha
  • If the dogs name is Rover, what does BOB stand for?
  • Oh my god! there IS a bob fanbase out there! i thought it was just me! THATS THE BEST PROG EVER!!! its like... all... super-desktopy... and you can make all those baloons and pop em and stuff... and theres cool toys and crap... its awesome
  • haha... i still have it! i have the disk that it came on my old 95 gateway! im gonna install it on my spankin new 3.4ghz 1gig dual channel ram, 360 gig hd, Gforce4fx6800ultra pc!!! im totaly goin old school on it... im installing a carboard floppy drive and a data cassette drive... i even have one of those huge surge protecters that you set under your moniter LOL this is AWESOME!
  • Where did you get it from? Can I have it!?!?!?!?


  • hola evilo codigo de  windosw xp starter edition  micoleo

  • BOB still exists!

    It comes installed with every version of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

    It is now called Metro and is still equally as Worthless!

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Microsoft BOB lives!