Windows 3.11 on Virtual PC

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The next operating system to look at under Virtual PC is the pinnacle of 16bit Windows - Windows 3.11.  Windows 3.11 installs with no problems under Virtual PC - however to get the best experience under Windows 3.11 you should configure the following settings:

1) Install the Creative Labs Sound Blaster 1.0 driver

2) Install the S3 Video Driver for Windows 3.11

This can be downloaded from and can be installed by running 'setup' in the Windows directory.

Windows 3.11 was the first version of Windows to ship with MineSweeper (as shown below).  It was also the first version of Windows to support networking (I am planning to do a separate post on how to setup networking - as it gets complex :-)).

Windows 3.11 running under Virtual PC    Windows 3.11 running under Virtual PC    Windows 3.11 running under Virtual PC


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  • for anyonw, who can't wait till the post abot setting up network, you can get the nic driver from here

    TCP/IP stack


    it's a great feeling browsing the internet from 3.11 ;-)
  • Can you tell me where I can get Win 3.11? Thanks.
  • why not go all out and run Windows 1.0
  • Didn't Windows 3.1 also include minesweeper?
  • Thanks x-com,

    You just saved me the time of hunting these links down for my next Windows post :-)

    Harry -

    I do not beleive that there is any way to buy Windows 3.11 from Microsoft today (bummer I know) - so your only option is eBay / Second hand software shops.

    Anonymous -

    Yes - Windows 3.1 did include Minesweeper - but I tend think of Windows 3.1 and Windows 3.11 as largely the same product - as the only major difference between the two is that 3.11 included support for networking.

  • What about Win 1.0? Where can I acquire it? I would not beleve it would be available anywhere outside of Microsoft.
  • Why not run Windows 1.0? Because, along with Win9x/XP it will not run the 16bit CAM app my company requires.
  • Thanks! Now I have all of the stuff, I can now access the Web on VPC07 SP1 w/Win3.11!

  • Is there something wrong with the links on this page?  I can't see any of the graphics and there is no information on how to go about virtualization of windows 3.11.

  • Your setup works, but you will probably get better performance if you install a NDIS 3 protected mode driver. I'm using a driver that came with theese files:




    The driver then runs in 386 protected mode so windows doesn't have to switch to dos/real mode to access the network.

  • TCP/IP stack link doesn't work anymore, but it is archivied here:

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Windows 3.11 on Virtual PC