X-COM: Interceptor under Virtual PC

X-COM: Interceptor under Virtual PC

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The final stop in the X-COM series takes a distinct change of pace.  X-COM: Interceptor maintained the base building strategy aspects of the previous games - however the turn based strategy sections have been replaced with real time space combat against UFO's.

I was able to install and run X-COM: Interceptor under Virtual PC with no special tweaks.  However - there were a couple of catches when it came to playing the game under Virtual PC:

 1) The joystick support under Virtual PC is not that good.  Okay - it sucks.  We need to fix that.  At any rate - using the joystick to play X-COM is not really an option.

 2) X-COM: Interceptor is very hard to play with the keyboard.  This is not Virtual PCs fault - as I observed the same on physical computers.

 3) X-COM: Interceptor is unplayable via mouse with the 'mouse integration' feature of Virtual PC turned on.

So - how do you play X-COM: Interceptor?  Simply turn off mouse integration - and use both keyboard and mouse.  Life is good:

X-COM: Interceptor under Virtual PC   X-COM: Interceptor under Virtual PC   X-COM: Interceptor under Virtual PC   X-COM: Interceptor under Virtual PC

Why does mouse integration cause problems?  Because with mouse integration enabled the mouse under Virtual PC behaves largely like a tablet input device (technically tablets send absolute coordinates, while mice use relative coordinates).  A number of programs (mostly games) have problems with tablet / absolute coordinating devices.  This is the reason why we allow people to disable this.


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  • Any chance the joystick support will get fixed soon? It largely works, it just seems to jump around a bit. To see what I mean, go to the calibration screen; you should see locally erratic movement of the crosshair. Besides the VM Additions video card not working correctly in Direct3D, this is the only issue preventing me from playing Tie Fighter on Windows 98 under Windows XP. Trying to play the game natively under Windows XP does not allow the use of 3D hardware acceleration (crappy graphics), while it is unplayable with Virtual PC due to the joystick.
  • Hi,

    This is actually quite hard to do - as the 'jumping' is the result of some core design issues with our Joystick - which in order to fix would require us to reimpliment the virtual joystick largely from scratch.

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