Head to head DOOM under Virtual PC

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You may have been wondering why you would want to setup IPX under Virtual PC.  The simple answer is so that you can play old school DOS network games against your friends.  The not so obvious answer is so that you can play a game of DOOM against yourself :-)

Here is a screen shot of me playing a three player game of DOOM - with one of my players shooting the other, while the third watches:


In order to set this up - I used the IPX instructions from yesterdays post.  I then downloaded the shareware version of DOOM from here: ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/doom/doom19s.zip , unpacked and installed this into each virtual machine, and then ran 'IPXSETUP -nodes 3' on each virtual machine.

And away you go...


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  • Now thats just showing off!!!!
  • Yup :-)
  • Hehe, that's awesome mate!

  • you should try the 3 monitor setup with the left & right view ( don´t know if thats possible with 1.9 )
  • How do you play against yourself when only one VPC can have the focus?
  • Not very good example of feature ;-)
    Because <a href="http://www.doomsdayhq.com/">Doomsday</a> is much more preferred for this task.
  • Very cool.

    Some of these other guys just aren't geeky enough to appreciate how cool that really is. You've got the equivalent of three separate PC's all thinking that they are "networked" while never leaving the host system. And it's not like you are running a modern video game. Those old games were sometimes really finicky about the networking setup. The fact that it works at all is amazing!

    Not very useful but very cool anyway!
  • Not to be a troll but you can accomplish the same feat under http://dosbox.sourceforge.net without having to worry about IPX drivers, autoexec.bat\config.sys configuration, DOS installation + better sound and networking performance.

    Only Con is your speed will be quite a bit slower in Dosbox especially if you have a low-end PC.
  • Hi Ben,

    If you want a challenge, what about Master of Orion 2 multiplayer for DOS over IPX? Here's one I can't seem to get to work with either DOSBox or Virtual PC (although Virtual PC gets alot farther--DOSBox quits with a higher privelege error on the network initialization screen). On the other hand, Virtual PC gets me past the network intialization screen, and all players can connect to the game, but then I get a hang on an "unable to send" error from MOO2 after the first player finishes their race setup. As far as virtual PC goes it may be my hardware setup (one PC ends up with its network adapter deactivated in the _host OS_ at the end of this process) or it may be the software.

    I bring it up because it would be another game that the "but you could do it in DoSBox" hecklers couldn't jump on (I found that the DoSBox privelege error during multiplayer is already posted in one of their forums with a screenshot identical to my crashes there.)

    As is noted, on both my PCs, MOO2 ran FAR smoother on single player in virtual PC than it did on DoSBox.

    Anyway, thanks for the old DOS screenshots which brought back fond memories of my squandered youth.

  • works great on same computer,but can't get it to work on different pc's

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Head to head DOOM under Virtual PC