STAR WARS: Dark Forces under Virtual PC

STAR WARS: Dark Forces under Virtual PC

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Hi All!  Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the States (hence the lack of a post from me) which means that today is the 'big sale' day of the year for Americans (something I never knew until I moved here).  I usually avoid big sales - but I did grab a coffee and head down to my local Software shop to see what was available.  I was not disappointed - they had a rack full of old software for sale for 25 cents a piece (I bought 6 games :-)).

Amongst my purchases was the all time classic 'STAR WARS: Dark Forces' - the first 3D shooter game based in the Star Wars universe (and the predecessor of the now fantastic 'Jedi Knight' series of games).  When I got home and dropped the CD into my computer - it helpfully tried to autorun the DOS based installer which crashed and burned immediately under XP.

Thankfully my DOS gaming virtual machine was ever present - and Dark Forces installed and ran perfectly.  No, really, no tweaks, no tricks, just perfect old school 3D game play.  Pretty good way to spend a day off if you ask me.


Dark Forces under Virtual PC   Dark Forces under Virtual PC   Dark Forces under Virtual PC   Dark Forces under Virtual PC


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  • The DF installer crashed in XP? Strange, I've never experienced that. The Flashing HUD Syndrome and the IMUSE Forever wait I know of, but neither are fatal.

    The only crash related issue I know of is that the DOS extender used by DF can crash if the path set is too long - but it does so unrelated to if it runs under Windows XP and/or Virtual PC. Anyway, if that's the case, try doing a SET PATH= before running the command that crashes.

    Still, Virtual PC is my favorite way of running Dark Forces whenever I need to create a screenshot or a movie of a level (with the help of Camtasia).
  • Fancy finding this RSS feed! I think you just enlightened me to way to play Xwing vs Tiefighter again. I troed loading the windows versions under xp and could not get them to work properly, especially the 3dfx fixes. I may have to give VPc a crack at it.
  • I see all the screenshots have a window frame. Can VirtualPC 2004 be run full-screen?
  • Hi Leo,

    Yes - VPC can be run in full-screen mode - I just prefer Windowed mode (plus it is easier for screen shots).

  • my neighbor found some old pc star wars games and i would love to play them but know next to nothing about computers can i make them work with XP the games are x-wing star wars rebellion star war tie fighter  and dark forces 1 and 2 looked online they say click on tab to make compatible with windows 95  but iu can't find it can u help?

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