Gaming Friday: 'Raptor: Call of the Shadows'

Gaming Friday: 'Raptor: Call of the Shadows'

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In case no one has noticed - when Friday comes around - my main interest in Virtual PC is just to kick back and play a couple of games.  Today I felt like playing 'Raptor: Call of the Shadows' - this was a classic vertical scrolling fighter plane game released by Apogee (now 3DRealms) in 1994.

For a bit of a flashback for those of use who remember about 'FILE_ID.DIZ' here is Raptor's:

||||  RAPTOR - v1.2 from APOGEE! (VGA)  ||||
|||| 386 (or higher) w/2 Megs REQUIRED! ||||
Kill for cash! In the future as a mercenary
flying the super-tech Raptor, you'll be sent
on interplanetary missions to knock off top
competitors of MegaCorp. Upgrade w/ 14 hard
core weapons. Jaw-dropping VGA animation & 
cinematics.  Supports all major sound cards,
including GUS, PAS16, & AWE32!  Developed by
Cygnus Studios.  Supports mouse & joystick.
Absolutely stunning VGA graphics & sounds! 


And as you can see - it runs perfectly under Virtual PC:

Raptor under Virtual PC   Raptor under Virtual PC   Raptor under Virtual PC   Raptor under Virtual PC

If you want to try this one out - you can grab it from:


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  • Oh the good ole days. :) Thanks for pointing that game out...I used to play it all the time. Gotta love the autotargeting upgrades... Ok, now it looks like tonight is going to be have to be retro game night. :)
  • Now if you get Tyrian (or Tyrian 2000) running, you'll be my hero.
  • Don't know about VPC but according to the DosBox compatibility page: Tyrian and Tyrian 2000 work in DosBox.

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