A Very Merry Virtual Server, umm Christmas

A Very Merry Virtual Server, umm Christmas

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Well - my kids are both finally asleep - and 'Santa' has been to put presents in their stockings - so I have a little time to relax before heading to bed early (as I know that my children will wake up *Very* early).  So what better to do than to post to my blog :-)

One not so well known feature of Virtual Server is that it allows for user customization of the website theme.  All of the coloring, font and some of the graphics are actually defined in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual Server\WebSite\VirtualServer\scripts\VSStyles.css".

This file is relatively easy to modify - and was designed as such to allow companies to customize Virtual Server to fit in with their own corporate branding.  Or - if you want - you can use it as a way to help celebrate Christmas.  This is what Virtual Server usually looks like:

The normal version of Virtual Server

And here is the festive version:

The Christmas version of Virtual Server


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  • That's, hmm...interesting :)

    With a few handy modifications, that could even be made into a Halloween theme ;-)

    I played with the CSS a while back when I wanted to make a website that felt like Virtual Server. After giving it a little time, I determined that Virtual Server liked to output websites that were a bit more complex than I originally planned, so that was put on the back burner. Can't say I've thought to modify the CSS to make VS look different, or at least, if I did then I don't remember. Creative idea.

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