The Need For Speed - under Virtual PC

The Need For Speed - under Virtual PC

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No, this is not a post about how to speed up performance under Virtual PC.  Rather this is a post about how to enjoyably while away your Friday afternoon driving your race car in 'The Need For Speed' under Virtual PC.  This is the original game which has since spawned a long line of sequels.  You can download a playable demo from here: And as you can see; it runs perfectly under Virtual PC:

The Need For Speed under Virtual PC   The Need For Speed under Virtual PC   The Need For Speed under Virtual PC   The Need For Speed under Virtual PC

Happy racing!


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  • Any tips & tricks on the what hardware to use hardware to get the best performance of Virtual PC at an affordable price?

    What type of processor works best? Also, does it matter what type of RAM I have (i.e. do I need a low CAS, etc).

    Thanks, Adi
  • Hi Adi,

    The faster the better - and I personally prefer my AMD64 box for performance. For DOS stuff - memory is not really a concern.

  • it is counter-intuitive, but I have seen that adding RAM to the virtual machine is not an effective way to speed it up. of course, the virtual machine needs enough ram, but only as much ram as it uses, and should not get more.

    everything in the vm is slower, and a windows machine (including vm) will use extra ram to cache the hdd. The host machine can use it's memory to cache the hdd better than the vm can.

  • I'm a bit of a old-school game freak myself- although for me it started a bit more recent.

    I'm currently trying to run Carmageddon on vpc 2004 with 98 installed on xp and running into problems. The problem is with graphics so little hope it's solvable.The game used to work though on vpc 4&5 running 98 on both mac os9 and osX.
    I'll be testing more dos/95-era games as well..
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