Solar Winds under Virtual PC

Solar Winds under Virtual PC

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Solar Winds is a not-too-well-known game by Epic Mega.  To be honest - it is not the greatest game in the world - but I enjoy playing it from time to time.  It is an interesting space exploration game where you play a freelancing mercenary. However its main flaw is that it has a linear story line that has no accommodation for you making the wrong move.

The first time I played Solar Winds I spent hours wondering the Solar System randomly until I realized that I should not have shot the third guy I met (despite the fact that this was my mission) and that by shooting him I had completely derailed the main story line.

When you launch Solar Winds you are given the option to configure the various options.  You should enable the Mouse and music - but leave Sound Blaster sound effects off (if you turn these on the game will hang the first time it tries to play a sound).

And there you have it - Solar Winds under Virtual PC:

 Solar Winds under Virtual PC   Solar Winds under Virtual PC   Solar Winds under Virtual PC   Solar Winds under Virtual PC

If you want to try this game yourself - you can download it from:

But heed my warning - do not shoot the third character you meet (your main target for your first mission) :-)


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  • I have played Solar Winds through long time ago, it was definetely entertaining. But should you like the overall concept, this game takes it ^10 - The alpha version is otherwise full working except for missing intro and ending movie - which are not really necessary for full enjoyment. Should you find the original somewhere, it could be candidate for VirtualPC, but this version has been ported to work on most platforms.
  • Awesome! This game rocks. I remember having a lot of fun when I had a memory hex editor. I hacked it so that I had a ton of fuel, etc. I don't really remember much about it.

    Now I have to figure out how to do that again.
  • Try using dosbox ( which is a DOS emulator for various platforms.
    I played both SolarWinds 1 and 2 on it (on
    a Mac no less) and I got full music and sound
  • Only downside to using DosBox with Solar Winds is that DosBox doesn't support Saved States YET whereas VPC does....which is very beneficial in this game.
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