Tomb Raider under Virtual PC

Tomb Raider under Virtual PC

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Every now an then there is a game that runs surprisingly well under Virtual PC.  Tomb raider is one such game.  There are no issues (that I know of) and it runs playably at low detail on most modern machines - and I can run it playably at high detail on my AMD Opteron 246.  So I guess there is not much more to say than 'have fun!':

Tomb Raider under Virtual PC   Tomb Raider under Virtual PC   Tomb Raider under Virtual PC   Tomb Raider under Virtual PC

If you want to play the free demo - you can download it from:


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  • Today I stumbled over another one myself: Blade Runner from Westwood. I ran the German Version inside an English NT 4.0 Workstation with DirectX 6.0. Only annoying thing is the "hourglass" flickering over the game cursor. Quite nice, though I'm lacking the time to play it through again.

  • If you love Tombraid you HAVE to get Glidos.

    High res textures:
  • Man, and I was just going to request Glide emulation as a VPC feature!
  • Yep, it runs very well.
    Another game I've tried and it goes perfect and with a perfect frame rate on VPC is Virtua Fighter Remix under Windows guest(althought I tried it on my PIV 1.7 Ghz. 256 mb RAM with Windows Millennium Edition and VPC 5.1, but I guess it'll also work on VPC 2004).
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