For a while now I have been convincing people that I have psychic capabilities.  The usual conversation has been:

Random person:  I just put some extra memory in my physical system - so that I now have 2GB of RAM - and now Virtual PC can't use more than 300mb.  What is wrong?

Ben: You should uninstall Nero InCD.

Random person:  Gee... Thanks... That solved the problem... But how did you know that I had Nero InCD installed?

Ben: Lucky guess...

The reason for this problems is that once you have 2GB of RAM or greater in a computer - Nero InCD would request a working set of 1.3GB memory.  This does not affect most programs - but as we lock memory for use - this stops us from using that memory.

The good news is that this problem has now been fixed in the latest release of Nero InCD - as reported by Christoph Wille:,guid,35a8b116-3855-496f-8471-9803351c1f4e.aspx