Alien Carnage (Halloween Harry) under Virtual PC

Alien Carnage (Halloween Harry) under Virtual PC

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Halloween Harry is a little known, but very classy, platform game release in the hay day of DOS gaming.  Smooth graphics, wide variety of weapons and lame story line (save the world from Zombie aliens) are all present.

In order to run Halloween Harry under Virtual PC you simply need to *not* enable the sound blaster.  If you turn on the sound blaster the entire game will lock up - but if you stick with PC speaker if will play fine:

Halloween Harry under Virtual PC   Halloween Harry under Virtual PC   Halloween Harry under Virtual PC   Halloween Harry under Virtual PC   Halloween Harry under Virtual PC

You can download this game from here: if you want to give it a go.


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  • Hey, not on the game topic but part of VPC:

    As a developer I just have to say MS is way off base with the VPC and Linux stuff....

    I buy MS stuff, I Sell MS STuff, Many CLients use Linux and MS and need them to interop.
    MS says that we live in a world where interop is a must, that MS needs to work with other customer systems....
    so a developer *NEEDS* MS to embrace Linux in VPC !!

    before MS took it under the "Wing" it had Linux listed as an option etc....
    MS droped it from the list; I can see on one side the need to support and sell WIndows but?
    this is silly!
    Developers Sell MS based SOlutions,
    Customers (other than developers) have Linux systems and WIndows....
    Developers are supposed to show how to combine WIndows and Linux in the enterprise....
    so lets make that hard to do unless they want to have 2 desktops, 2 servers, 2 laptops
    or hack VPC with no support from MS!

    *WRONG* Guys..... Just *WRONG*
    Support Linux on VPC, Give it first class support like you do with windows!!
    MS will win with Devs and customers on that move.
  • Microsoft Virtual PC is still quite capable of running Linux.

    Microsoft's main intention with Virtual PC is for emulating 9x/NT4 and to support those operating systems within it...NOT LINUX. They may/may not maintain Linux compatibility if they wish, it's their IP.

    With that being said, personally from what I've seen most people who emulate Linux use Vmware rather than VPC if they wish to emulate Linux on Windows.
  • Hi Denny,

    Thanks for the feedback.

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