Battle Bugs under Virtual PC

Battle Bugs under Virtual PC

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Battle Bugs is a fun real time strategy game (with the twist of being able to pause the game to plan your next move) where you command a troupe of faithful bugs defending your territory against opposing forces.  You will command ants, cockroaches, bees and various others - directing them on where to go and what to do.

Battle Bugs runs well under Virtual PC and can be configured to use the SoundBlaster clone (Base address 220h, IRQ 5) for sound effects and music.  Battle Bugs can also be configured to run in 800x600 if desired:

Battle Bugs under Virtual PC   Battle Bugs under Virtual PC   Battle Bugs under Virtual PC   Battle Bugs under Virtual PC

If you want to try the playable demo you can download it from here:


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  • Hi Ben,

    One game Id love to see running under Virtual PC is A-Train for DOS. A-Train was a train simulation game made by Maxis, and in style is very similar to Railroad Tycoon.

    I can run the game in XP, but it runs too fast. Would running it on MS-DOS under virtual PC make a difference?

  • If the game runs too fast under XP, then most likely it will run too fast under Virtual PC. The problem is your processor which is too fast for the game. You can do numerous things, Disabling L1/L2 cache, running slowdown programs, etc.

    These days disabling L1/L2 cache won't do much. Running slowdown programs are also an issue since they usually don't work right with the game.

    Try the game with
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