Civilization II under Virtual PC

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Civilization II was an evolutionary step forward from the original Civilization.  Running on top of Windows 3.11 and later it mainly offered minor enhancements, with the biggest change being updated graphics with an isometric perspective.  Having said that - the original Civilization was such a good game that merely making minor improvements resulted in a very addictive game.  Civilization II runs fine under Virtual PC - and has claimed far too much of my time this week :-)

Civilization II under Virtual PC   Civilization II under Virtual PC   Civilization II under Virtual PC   Civilization II under Virtual PC


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  • Why not run it directly in Windows XP? And yeah, I agree, that game eats time like crazy.
  • Yeah, runs fine for me on Host NT4/2K/XP/2003.

    Some versions you may have to update the indeo code.

    Only reason I can think of offhand to play it under VPC is if you have a VPC image with tons of games on it and you don't like to litter your host with games.
  • Mmmm.... Freeciv. Open-source version of Civ II with multi-player built in from the beginning and all sorts of customizability.

    Works fine under Win2k Professional, so it should be fine under XP as well.
  • Anon / DosFreak -

    The main reason that I like to run stuff like this inside of Virtual PC is that it is easier to switch between other programs and games like this. The other reason is 'because I can' :-)

  • The "because I can" reason is good enough :)
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Civilization II under Virtual PC