Civilization - Call to Power under Virtual PC

Civilization - Call to Power under Virtual PC

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Moving on in the series of Civilization games under Virtual PC - we arrive at 'Civilization - Call to Power'.  For reasons that I do not wish to go into (but that you can find out about here: this is the only 'Civilization' game that has nothing to do with Sid Meier - the mastermind behind the original Civilization.  And you can really tell it.

Civilization - Call to Power starts with the established civilization paradigm and then proceeds to absolutely destroy it.  Firstly - the UI is irritating at best, at worst you will find yourself searching to perform the most basic actions under the game.  Secondly - Activision decided to add a whole swarm of new units to Civilization - Call to Power, and while the units sound cool it is fairly obvious that absolutely no thought was given to maintaining balance and playability.

Civilization - Call to Power runs well under Virtual PC, which is fortunate as it will not run at all on my physical computer.  For some reason this game will completely fail to start you have a multi-monitor setup (like I do).  The only thing you need to do is to disable the mouse integration:

Civilization - Call to Power under Virtual PC   Civilization - Call to Power under Virtual PC   Civilization - Call to Power under Virtual PC   Civilization - Call to Power under Virtual PC


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  • Maybe its easier to tolerate Call to Power if it is the only Civ game you play, but I have played the Sid Meiers line too much and I never got very far into Call to Power because the feel of the game just was not like the other versions. What versions of Windows did you run it on for the VPC testing?
  • Hi Colin,

    I use Windows 98 to run most of my Windows games - as that tends to be the platform that they run best on.

  • The Linux port of Civ:CTP also runs well under Virtual PC (I'm running it on Mandrake 9.0).
  • I hear you Ben.
    I am glad that Sid got the complete rights for the Civ line back though.
    I bought the CTP version many moons ago, played maybe 2 games on it and then went back to my other Civ's... a complete waste of money.

    On a side note, I must say it is nice to discover someone who is not only a Civ fan or a VPC fan, but a dual monitor fan as well!

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