Night Raid under Virtual PC

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Night Raid is a very nice remake of the old school 'Paratrooper' game - which I have never been very good at playing...  *cough*.  Anyway - this is a fun game for killing a couple of minutes with and the graphics and animations result in a very polished look at feel.  To get Night Raid to run under Virtual PC you will need to disable the use of the Sound Blaster for sound effects (you can still use the Sound Blaster for music):

Night Raid under Virtual PC   Night Raid under Virtual PC   Night Raid under Virtual PC   Night Raid under Virtual PC

You can download Night Raid from


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  • Why isn't it possible to emulate 3d graphics through a VPC image?
  • Video cards are much more complex than even today's CPU's. Emulating an entire video card would mean that the computer would have to worry about normal CPU processing and video processing, thereby slowing everything else down. The best approach to having 3D graphics in an VPC guest would have to be some sort of passthrough to the host video card, unfortunately this isn't a priority since most people do not require 3D graphics in their emulators. This will only be a priority when it is needed, which it will not be for quite some time.

    IIRC, the latest beta of VMWare can emulate D3D on 2K/XP guests but I don't know how good it is since I haven't tested it yet.
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Night Raid under Virtual PC