SimCity Classic under Virtual PC

SimCity Classic under Virtual PC

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SimCity Classic was the city simulation game that started it all.  In SimCity you play the role of a Mayor and get to manage the development of your city.  You can build roads, hospitals, schools, police stations and more - you also get to zone areas, balance the budget, and respond to disasters.  Hmm...  It doesn't sound that exciting that but anyone who has ever played this game can tell you that it is incredibly addictive.  Also - it runs perfectly under Virtual PC:

SimCity Classic under Virtual PC   SimCity Classic under Virtual PC   SimCity Classic under Virtual PC


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  • That sure brings back some good memories. I never played any of the Sim games besides the original. Were the graphics really that bad? :)
  • Hey, that's SimCity for Windows. Does SC/DOS also work under VPC?
  • Hey...After spending about 45 minutes surfing around the Microsoft website trying to find a way to get support for Virtual PC Version 7 for the Mac, I decided to go to the Microsoft blogs to see if someone can help direct me.

    While installing Virtual PC, installation Disc 2 seems to have some sort of error. When I am instructed to put it in during the insallation, I put it in and it spins for a few seconds and then the CD player goes through a rhythmic spinning and clicking and nothing happens in the installation dialog box for ever. When I put the disc in by itself, I am unable to fully copy the .zip file onto the desktop, it hangs after 95% has been copied.

    It seems like I have a bad CD. But looking through the Mac support site ( at, there is no option available that either doesn't work (a support phone number
    (800) 892-5234 goes nowhere) or costs a lot of money (email support is $35!?!).

    How do you suggest I proceed in getting support for Virtual PC which won't install for me.

    Thanks - I know this is off the topic of you blog post, but I don't know what to do. I tried posting a message to you through your contact form, but it gave me this error:
    Your message could not be sent, most likely due to a problem with the mail server.
  • I remember first playing SimCity on a Mac some time in the early 90's mabye? Fun to play while in class. :)
  • Joe -

    Yes the graphics were that bad :-)

    Steven -

    I don't know - I only have SimCity for Windows.

    Jonathan -

    The best way to get support is through the Microsoft support team. If the problem is bad media or a bug in our products - you will not be charged for the incident.

  • Seeing this reminds me of a particular question I have about Virtual PC that I haven't been able to find answers for anywhere.

    How is support for MIDI in Virtual PC? Can it send MIDI from emulated Windows applications to the host OS, or would that require a USB MIDI interface that can be used by the guest Windows?

    If it's of any particular relevance, I'd be using Virtual PC for Mac. Windows MIDI applications and some older DOS games (which I would be running under Windows 98, most likely) are my particular interest here.
  • I have the Sims for Windows, it runs really slow on my computer (Host OS) and I have SimCity, not SimCity Classic.
  • Here's a tip to try: There's a scenario wherein you're supposed to solve the people's traffic problems (Bern, as I recall). The easy way to win? Throw all of the disasters at them. Once Godzilla has stomped through your town a few times, you suddenly don't worry so much about traffic.

    Do that, and enjoy the key to the city.
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