A quick way to exit Virtual PC 2004

A quick way to exit Virtual PC 2004

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A little known feature of Virtual PC is that if you have a couple of virtual machines open and want to quickly exit Virtual PC all together - you can hold down the control key and click the 'X' on the Virtual PC Console.  This will automatically save state all running virtual machines and exit Virtual PC - without prompting you at all.


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  • Very Cool!
  • That's pretty cool. Thanks for the tip.
  • Great tip. Thanks for sharing that!
  • That's odd...my computer freezes for about 10 seconds before anything can happen (no BSOD). It still asked me to "save state" on each Virtual Machine! It's no different from just clicking the 'X' without the CTRL key.

    Any ideas?? :0{
  • Hi VPC User,

    I don't know why VPC is freezing when you hit the 'X' - but I suspect that the reason why you are still getting prompted is because you are letting go of the CTRL key before VPC 'un-freezes'.

  • Ben,

    It still didn't work! No need to worry...Virtual PC 2004 is still awesome without it! ;0)
  • Ho hum.. neat trick!
  • I guess the Mac heritage of VPC still shows sometimes ;-)
    (Option-click on the close button of a window is an old Mac trick to close all the windows of an app)
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