SimCity 2000 under Virtual PC

SimCity 2000 under Virtual PC

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Compared to the original SimCity - SimCity 2000 is a fantastic leap forward in game play - adding several new elements (like subways, bus stations, light and dense zoning and much much more).  SimCity 2000 is an incredibly addictive game that I have personally spent hours playing as I tried to build up larger and larger cities - and eventually building the fantastic 'Arcologies'.  I happen to be the proud owner of SimCity 2000 for DOS, Windows and OS/2 - and all versions run just perfectly under Virtual PC:

SimCity 2000 under Virtual PC   SimCity 2000 under Virtual PC   SimCity 2000 under Virtual PC SimCity 2000 under Virtual PC


Update:  Okay - so I was a bit lazy when I originally posted this - and there are two configuration details you should know:

  1. The DOS version of SimCity 2000 needs to be manually configured to use the S3 video driver (it will auto-detect all other settings just fine).
  2. You will not hear any music under the OS/2 version of SimCity 2000 as there is a bug in Virtual PC that stops MIDI from playing under OS/2 (however - given that I am probably the only person in the world with a copy of SimCity 2000 for OS/2 - I don't think this is going to be an issue for most of you).
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  • Arcos rule!! I remember having 80% Arcos and MILLIONS of people, no crime, no fires, just a great society...but apparently rather oppressive since Moses would come in and take my people away! Ha! It was Awesome!
  • Something that I only found out a couple of years ago - is that if you build 350 Launch Arco's - they will actually 'launch' and all blow up - effectively ending the game.

  • I think we deserve to see a picture of your home/office where you keep this huge pile of legacy software that you entertain us with. I have to send my old stuff to the goodwill at least once a year just to make space for the new stuff
  • Andy -

    Having just bought a new house I am very happy that my new computer room is about 2.5x bigger than my old computer room - as I was to the stage where if I bought any new hardware or software, it was just going to have to be piled up on my desk because there was no space elsewhere :-)

  • No midi sound under os/2 may be ok for you fellah, but I actually only own the os/2 version of sc2k :)

    SO, is 2 occasional users enough to do something about it, huh? huh?

    I think I'm just going to have to get a petition going. I bet a petiton with at least 2 signatures would do it - right ? :)

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