Ben talks on Channel9 about Virtual PC

Ben talks on Channel9 about Virtual PC

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I'm feeling lazy today (fighting off a bit of a cold) - so for today's post I am telling people to go off and check out my interview on Channel9 - at:


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  • My, what an embarassing time for the server to be down <blush>. Was that filmed on/around the first of this month?

    Thanks for mentioning the site, Ben :) Oh, and the rest of the video was pretty interesting too!

  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks - and thanks for the time you spent informing us about VPC.
  • Great interview Ben! I must admit that you look different from what I was expecting. I was thinking that you would look like Ben Stein! <joke>
  • I can't believe a fridge with beer! On campus, yet. Microsoft Bob and a six-pack...what a life.
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