New support policies available for Virtual Server

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One of the biggest complaints that we have heard from customers is that the support policy for Virtual Server was not very clear.  The main cause of this lack of clarity has been that it has been up to each Windows Server System team to decide and communicate their own support policy.  However - thanks to the fantastic work of one of my fellow PM's on the Virtual Machine team (here's to you Jeff!) - we now have a unified support policy that outlines what is and isn't supported by Microsoft inside of Virtual Server:

KB: 897613 Microsoft Virtual Server support policy                                                                           

KB: 897614 Windows Server System software not supported within a Microsoft Virtual Server environment 


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  • If I wanted to run a test domain on VS, would running Cert Services also in a VM be a technically horrible thing, or just not supported but probably run ok?
  • I have a two-tier trustcenter running in Virtual Server, since I did not know that it was not supported. No problems so far.

    But as I see on the links provided, certificate services are supported with SP1.
  • Not supported = haven't been throughly tested by the product team. Hence, it may work, but you're on your own if it doesn't.
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New support policies available for Virtual Server