'net use' problem with Windows 98

'net use' problem with Windows 98

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A number of users have reported problems using the 'net use' command under Windows 98 under Virtual PC.  This appears to be a bad interaction between Windows file sharing and the Virtual Machine Additions folder sharing client.  There are two easy ways to work around this problem:

  1. Browse to a network location in Windows explorer under Windows 98 first - and then use 'net use'.  This seems to sort out the problem (for reasons that I do not fully understand)
  2. Delete the \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD\FSHARE32 key from the registry under Windows 98.  This will completely disable folder sharing but allow 'net use' to work at all times.


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  • Hi Ben,

    Hope you can help figure out what's going on here- I'm trying to install virtual PC 2004 on a W2k AS machine- the setup goes almost to completion but then rolls back. Any known issues there ?I can send you the install log if it helps ...

  • Hi Deep,

    I have no idea why this might be happening - but you are attempting to install Virtual PC on top of an operating system that we do not support and haven't tested.

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