Major Stryker under Virtual PC 2004

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***** MAJOR STRYKER v1.4 -- BY APOGEE! *****
Triple parallax scrolling sets this action
shoot 'em up game apart from any other.
EGA/VGA graphics, joystick, AdLib & Sound
Blaster supported. Incredible 3-D illusion
of depth. Become Earth's greatest hero as
you repel an alien invasion. Multi-skill
levels, cinematics, demo, saved games, etc.

Major Stryker was one of the Apogee classics.  This simple but addictive game had you flying a small but power space ship through level after level of alien worlds, blasting away bad guys and rescuing those who had fallen before you.  One of the interesting twists in Major Stryker is that one bullet is all it takes to blow up your space ship - so only the skilled need apply :-)

Interestingly enough - I was only able to get this to run under Windows 98 under Virtual PC.  If I try to run Major Stryker under Windows XP directly - there is a 3 to 4 second lag on key strokes (which is enough to ensure that you die within the first 10 seconds).  And if I try to run it under DOS on Virtual PC the timing is messed up (with the game running fast and then slow and then fast again):

Major Stryker under Virtual PC   Major Stryker under Virtual PC   Major Stryker under Virtual PC   Major Stryker under Virtual PC


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  • I know this is a VPC blog but did you test it in DosBox?
  • Ben,

    Did you try it on an XP virtual machine using Win98 Compatibility mode?

    And to the poster about DosBox, I think the purpose is not to simply find some way to run the game but rather to evalute and exercise the capabilities of VPC.
  • one shot kill is a twists? Dude.. you don't go to many arcades do you? ;)
  • Some1 -

    No. No I didn't.

    Cbarnhosrt -

    Yes - I tried that. Didn't help at all.

    Marauderz -

    Good point - but this is uncommon on PC games. (and no - I do not go to many arcades).

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Major Stryker under Virtual PC 2004