Revenant under Virtual PC 2004

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Friday, Friday, Friday.  Time to play games on Friday :-).  Today we will be looking at Revenant ( - an Action / Adventure game where you play the role of an ancient dead warrior, revived as a Revenant in a time and place you do not understand.  It is your job to defeat a sinister religious cult - and at the same time try to remember who it is that you were and why you were chosen for this mission.  All in all this is a very nice game, and quite fun to play.  The problem is that it is requires Windows 95 / 98.  It will run under Windows XP - but no amount of coaxing will get the sound to work (not even using compatibility mode).  Thankfully - Virtual PC comes to the rescue - where Revenant runs perfectly under Windows 98, sound and all:

Revenant under Virtual PC 2004   Revenant under Virtual PC 2004   Revenant under Virtual PC 2004


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  • I played this under WinXP with sound. It was a while ago, and I can't remember what I needed to do to get it to work, but I might have had to copy the the Miles Sound System runtime files from another game. I've had to do this a couple of times to get old finicky games to work acceptably under WinXP. "Alien vs. Predator" was one such game. For some reason, using a older or newer MSS runtime will often make a game happy.

    Ironically, Revenant crashed on me moments before the final battle - it figures. <g>
  • I actually just tried running Revenant under XP SP2, and ran into a number of problems.

    1. can only be run as a privelaged user
    2. the sound is choppy, and the game follows
    3. doesn't like the most recent Miles DLL

    I'm just looking for my Windows 98 boot floppy and then I'm trying this in VPC :D
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Revenant under Virtual PC 2004