hits 1000 operating systems listed! hits 1000 operating systems listed!

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  • Comments 3 - the website that shows you which operating systems work and don't work under Virtual PC has just listed it's 1000th operating system (for the curious the 1000th operating system was XFLD 0.2 - and was reported as working by the site operator Jonathan Maltz).  And what's really cool is that of the 1000 operating systems - 804 are reported to work under Virtual PC.

Congrats to Jonathan and much thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an OS report on his site.


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  • Hi Ben, all,

    Thanks again! This is quite a milestone to hit - I can't say enough how I never thought it would grow so large.

    Small correction - #1,000 was Mono Live 1.0, which works with a little tweaking (I wasn't going to give-in to "No" for works so easily with the thousandth entry). XFLD was 1,001, which is a neat number, in and of itself :-)

    Thanks again, and congrats to the community - they made the list this large.

  • Congratulations to Jonathan on a site well-run. The hundreds of thousands of visitors to date attests to the interest the subject of what runs under VPC (and VS) and what doesn't has attracted.
  • Here's my question...when the Apple / MAC OS X.?? switches over to the Intel processor, will Virtual PC be able to run it?

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