Diablo II under Virtual PC

Diablo II under Virtual PC

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A while ago I posted about running Diablo under Virtual PC (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtual_pc_guy/archive/2005/04/29/412428.aspx) - however at that time I did not post about running Diablo II under Virtual PC because of a problem I was hitting when I tried to do this.  Namely - Diablo II was taking 15+ minutes to launch (and using 100% CPU in the process).  I have no idea why this happens - however I did find that if you install the latest update for Diablo II from Blizzard (downloadable from here: http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/diablo2/patches/pc/D2Patch_110.exe) - the problem goes away and the game runs perfectly:

Diablo II under Virtual PC   Diablo II under Virtual PC   Diablo II under Virtual PC   Diablo II under Virtual PC

I was even able to setup a multiplayer game with myself :-)

Diablo II under Virtual PC


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  • Multiplayer against oneself... a bit schizophrenic, eh? ;-)
  • Hmmm - Did you test it just for fun (obviuosly sometimes you do, I read ALL your postings)? It runs very fine on XP.

    But nevertheless - I do like your diary!

    Sebastian, Berlin, Germany
  • I had a problem of Diablo 2 messing up my sounds in Battlefield 1942 when I ran it from my PC. I loaded up a VPC XP and installed Diablo 2 with the expansion Pack (btw you need to update that one as well otherwise the you get the same freeze. but after patching them both it runs fine in a 800X600 window and I can do other things and my sound in Battlefield is fine now.
  • Diablo 2 is an old game, the way he is coded make him consume all the cpu ressource he can use. So the game will eat all the cpu despite your cpu power. Can't be changed. You may try to run it under virtual box ( forum.gmstemple.com/index.php ) wich will render D2 smoother than Virtual PC or VMware.

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